About Our Team


My name is Julia, I am a Web Developer for about 8 years and founder of Horizzons Web Design. Our team is always ready to listen to our clients about their needs and deliver solutions on time.

We specialize in developing websites and marketing solutions designed specifically to meet the unique demands and goals of medium and small businesses.

What we provide?

We believe in specialization. That is why we focus totally on the WordPress platform and its potential to help our customers achieve their goals.

We know it is not easy to manage your business or activity and simultaneously take time and expertise to manage a website, its content and marketing campaigns.

We are here to solve these problems and provide you with peace of mind, appropriate solutions to your particular case, so that you can focus on what is most important: your business!

What are the benefits for our clients?

With our comprehensive and customized solutions appropriate for each client, we will transmit the great value for you and your business.

We will not only help you to get a strong online presence, but also to succeed online, expose your brand, build relationships with your current customers, reach new potential customers and make more sales.

Our clients will get everything they need to have their new website, starting from the domain name, web hosting, website customization, installation and configuration to security system and performance.

Why we are different?

We present ourselves in a different way and we can provide a best service. Firstly, our customer-oriented approach allows us to create long-lasting relationships and successful projects.

Our integrated and comprehensive services that allow customers to focus on their business by eliminating the stress and uncertainty at the same time guarantee a professional and effective online presence.

Our expertise and focus on the WordPress platform allow us to dominate the area we work in and be confident that our clients will get exactly what they want contacting us.

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