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Over the past 4-5 years Social Media has become essential to business marketing. There are many advantages to having a website and a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter!

The internet has turned into a hub for consumers to research and buy services and products. No matter if they are from a large city or a small town, all around the world people use the internet to make purchases. 53% of global Internet users have made an online purchase in 2016 – approximately that is 1 billion.
If you run online shop or plan to create your selling online website, there are some essential facts and figures you need to know to improve your Ecommerce strategy in 2017.

In this tutorial we will implement a full width filterable portfolio which is common request in the Divi Community. Actually, what we will do is change the normal filterable portfolio with some custom modules in order to be working as full width too. You can see the live example in our Horizzons Web Design´s portfolio

Today we will talk about work-life balance; the theme is not usual on our website, yet important for successful business activity as well as creation of professional website, online marketing and social media campaigns. It is difficult to achieve less-stressed way to organize your life, yet finding a good work-life balance is essential to your […]