Today, more and more people prefer to purchase online – they love the convenience and freedom of buying in Internet. However, it is obvious that if online store is built without taking into account the convenience of buyers, does not provide all needed information, clients leave eCommerce site alike they live local store with poor service.

In this checklist, we put together crucial aspects and characteristics of online shop to help you organize a successful online business getting modern, functional and attractive eCommerce website.

1. Outsource tasks to professionals

Since managing your business requires you to dedicate all your time and efforts on what you are doing, learn to outsource some tasks to professionals who will do that even better than you will. Whether it’s building website, writing content and product descriptions, or marketing, do not afraid to outsource the job you are not professional at, focus on your business to make it profitable.

2. Use a clean design to show your products

Your customers – visitors of your online shop, should be able to find products with ease and aesthetic pleasure. Use for your eCommerce website clean and attractive design, with plenty of high-quality images and user-friendly navigation between them. Organize design of your online store so that visitors want to purchase what they are looking at.

3. Inform your clients

Make sure your customers have access to all necessary information about the process of purchasing. Your website should clearly display information about payments policy, shipping, return policy and online shop contacts. The last is crucial so that buyers easily contact you in the case of some questions or problems appear – display your phone number on every page, traditionally right in the site header.

4. Build professional Navigation Bar

Your potential buyers should be able to find any needed information, product or services in 15 seconds. If not, they will leave your website and you will lose your clients. The best position for Navigation Bar is the top horizontal line. In this case, do not try to experiment – give clients what they expect to get. Sometimes, traditions are everything.

5. Take care of a responsive website design

Don’t forget that nowadays, it is essential to have a website displayed correctly not only on computers but also on tablets and smartphones – all devices that your potential customers will use to buy your products. If you do not adapt your online store to mobile screens, be prepared to lose your clients who browse websites on mobile devices.

6. Create unique content

Don’t forget that professional attractive description of your products is a key factor of convincing the client to purchase it, along with professional, high-quality images. You clients are buying online without having the possibility to touch the product or try it on – by writing detailed description how the product benefits, which are features and how to use it you persuade your visitor to buy.

7. Create clear catalog to categorize products

Be specific in your product categorization. Having clear and logical catalog of products not only will help your customers to find whatever they are looking for with ease therefore creating loyalty but also will work better for Search Engine Optimization.

8. Work on appealing Homepage

The best practice to promote your products is your own Homepage. Make sure design of your Homepage allows to display a promotional offer, your main collection or even a promo code. Big attractive images alongside with professional content and discount right on your Homepage will start convincing your clients from the very first moment they visit your online store.

9. Speak to your customers in their languages

Remember that having online store means to sell products all over the world. Make user experience of you clients pleasant, show you appreciate them reaching out to foreign customers by providing translation in your eCommerce website. It is not such a complicated mission since the most eCommerce platforms provide that setting.

10. Simply blog it

There is nothing new that we will say now – but once again, don’t underestimate your Blog. Actually, Blog is multifunctional instrument that brings in traffic to your website, optimize your SEO, educate your customers, and boost your sales. Make your Blog efficient sales channel featuring your products in posts and placing product links into your content.

11. Answer your clients on FAQs page

Organize a FAQ page where your customers can find answers to most common questions such as delivery and refund policy, stock and sizing. Besides, FAQ page will minimize your time costs on emails and phone calls support. Instead, you can send to clients the link answering their questions.

12. Provide Live Chat Support

Live chat is the most appropriate channel of client support on online store. Instant, efficient and functional, live chat wins against phone calls and emails support. Eventually, your customers are buying online to optimize their time and efforts and there is no more efficient way to communicate an issue than to drop a quick message in live chat.

13. Stay social

Be actively presented in social media and place social media icons in your online shop. Think about them like an efficient instrument of SEO and important component of purchase funnel. Additionally, reviews and testimonials customers post in social media have strong persuading effect.

14. Remember about SEO

Never underestimate SEO to stand out from the competitors. If you have your online shop compatible with the highest programming standards required for optimal indexing and ranking by such search engines as Google, Bing or Yahoo then you are perfectly prepared for SEO campaigns.

15. Keep developing

Just remember that there is no more drastically developing area than Internet in common and eCommerce in particular. More and more market players are entering, technologies and trends are developing and changing. Never let yourself take a rest if you want to succeed.

Hope our checklist helps you to get idea about how successful online shop should be created to stand out from the competition. From our side, we in Horizzons WebDesign are available to create for you unique online store, according to the best solutions and requirements mentioned above, specifically built for your particular case.